The copyright term calculator

Want to know if a specific work is in the public domain? (Or, if it's not, when it will be?) Give the copyright term calculator a spin. You'll need to provide some information about the work — for example, whether it's published or unpublished. But the calculator keeps track of which US copyright act applies to the work in question, so you don't have to. Give it a try and please let me know what you think.

Note: The calculator will remember where you last were, if you go away and come back. Use the Reset button to start over.

Important: This copyright term calculator covers US law only. It is intended to help you assess the public domain status of copyrighted works in the US. Please be aware that a work's public domain status may differ from country to country.

The copyright term calculator is also not intended to subsitute for a lawyer's assessment of the public domain status of any specific work or works. I recommend that you consult a legal professional to be certain.