Public domain or copyrighted? Here’s how to tell.

This site provides information on finding and using public domain material in the United States.

The US public domain is filled with creative works you can use any way you want to. No need to ask anyone’s permission. No fees necessary.

You can find photos, books, music, software — and more — that you’re free to recast, remix, and build upon.

But how do you find these works? And how can you be sure they really are copyright-free?

Copyright law is complex (as complex as the tax code, some say) and there’s a lot of misinformation and hype out there about what is and what isn’t “public domain.”

It can get confusing.

Got questions?

Are you unsure about what’s free to use and what isn’t? Have questions like ...

If you’ve got questions like these you’re not alone. That’s why this site is here.

Get answers.

Don’t just rely on stuff you’ve heard — get the facts. Browsing through these pages will help you ...

You can find answers to your public domain questions without hiring an attorney and paying hefty fees. And if you do need to consult an attorney, you’ll have information that will help you keep your legal costs down. You know what they say — knowledge is power.

Keep reading. You’ll get the facts here, without the hype.